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Altoona, PA

Note: The Pennsylvania Chronicle only names the mother in this story as her last name is different from the juvenile in this story.

This morning Altoona Police and the Pennsylvania State Police reported a 15 year old girl left home with Jonathon Burd. Witnesses say Burd was involved in a crash following a police chase and subsequently arrested.

The child’s mother, Donna Colobove, posted comments to Altoona Police Department Facebook page. Colobove questioned witness accounts posted to Facebook about  the apprehension stating she was the juvenile’s mother wanting to know, “Well did you take a video or pics??? Because I’m the mother and had my phone call and sure didn’t hear that.

Responding to a person responding her daughter was safe Colobove wrote, “you don’t have nothing for me I know what I happened I was informed right away.”

Crisis in the 15 year old’s daughter’s life as well as that of Colobove isn’t new. In March of 2017 Colobove pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and retail theft resulting in a probation sentence of 1-3 years. When Colobove daughter would have been about 9 years old Colobove was sentenced to prison for 3-23 months in county prison for welfare fraud.

In 2011 Colobove pleaded guilty to a charge of Disorderly Conduct Engage in Fighting and in a plea deal got probation seeing a charge of Escape dismissed by the Blair County District Attorney’s Office.

November 2010 saw Colobove arrested and convicted of felony retail theft also earning her time in county prison. In all Colobove has 6 criminal cases from 2010 to 2017.