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Restaurant inspection furor: Ephrata Little Caesars threatens Chronicle with lawsuit for refusing to remove inspection failure story

Restaurant inspection furor: Ephrata Little Caesars threatens Chronicle with lawsuit for refusing to remove inspection failure story

Ephrata, PA


Friday morning, December 13, 2019, the Pennsylvania Chronicle received an email and, then a telephone message, from Greg Wajda, Jr.  Wajda (above) is the District Manager for the Little Caesar’s Restaurant in Ephrata.  The email said, “Your info is now incorrect on LC on you mr website. Please take it down.” Reached by phone later in the afternoon Wajda  explained the restaurant was reinspected by “the board of health” and demanded the original story (below) be removed from the website. The Little Caesar’s Restaurant is within the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services.

When asked if the original story was correct Wajda didn’t respond, instead,  loudly demanding the article be removed. Despite trying to, further,  question Wajda about the original inspection, he demanded the removal of the November 25, 2019 inspection then said, “You will be hearing from my lawyer if you don’t.” At that point Wajda ended the call.

The Pennsylvania Chronicle’s does not remove any accurate story from the website. The November 25, 2019, inspection occurred, the restaurant was found was out of compliance and Little Caesar’s has not questioned the accuracy of the reporting.

The violations from the earlier inspection required a follow-up inspection. The follow-up occurred on December 3, 2019. The restaurant was found to be, “in compliance” with one violation cited by the Department of Agriculture with the inspector making the following comment:

Most aprons which are rubberized contain thread-bare areas, flaking and may no longer be used. New ones ordered at time of inspection.


Editor’s Note:  As a general rule The Pennsylvania Chronicle does not publish “In Compliance” inspection reports as there are, literally, thousands each month. We do not interfere when a restaurant comments an update on our Facebook page or in the comments on the story. We will, also, publish updates when a restaurant returns to compliance. Most restaurants decline the offer knowing it would only highlight the earlier, “Out of Compliance” inspection.

The Pennsylvania Chronicle also does not bow to threats of legal action. The failed inspection with 14 violations remains a valid public record available from the Department of Agriculture.

Ephrata Little Caesars: Several filthy aprons not being washed, clean wiping clothes stored in bathroom, it’s 14 violations for fast pizza restaurant

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