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Man gets life for “Stone cold assassination” in Providence Township murder

Man gets life for “Stone cold assassination” in Providence Township murder

Lancaster, PA

A Lancaster man will serve the rest of his life in prison following sentencing Wednesday, January 30, 2019 for the murder of 35-year-old Hugo Garcia-Hernandez.

While claiming innocence in a letter he wrote the sentencing judge, 50-year-old Jose Ferrufino was ordered to life, plus 15 to 35 years, for the 2017 murder on Pennsy Road in Providence Township, Lancaster County. 

Assistant District Attorney Barry Goldman, who prosecuted the case winning a guilty verdict in December, called the killing a “stone cold assassination.”

Goldman presented evidence at trial that Ferrufino had ill will toward Garcia-Hernandez due to a relationship the victim was having with Ferrufino’s wife.

Lancaster County Judge David Ashworth chided Ferrufino for his letter, saying the convicted killer was arrogant and showed no remorse.

The judge said Ferrufino’s actions illustrated an “imperious attitude to others” which he found “repugnant.”

Judge Ashworth said Ferrufino’s actions were premeditated, deliberate and intentional.Garcia-Hernandez sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the chest and had been beaten in the face when he was found in his home. Zip-ties were found on Garcia-Hernandez’s body.

The judge ordered the additional years for counts of burglary and endangering a child.


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