Lancaster, PA

Lt Bill Hickey, the public information officer (PIO) for the Lancaster Bureau of Police released this statement today about last year’s now famous sketch of a suspect that went viral:

An interesting thing happened this week. Jocelyn Park came forward as the artist behind the now famous sketch from Feb. 2018.
As the PIO, I had the chance to talk to Jocelyn after the image and story made it’s way around the globe and again in November 2018 when Off. Rothermel received authorization to release the sketch and rough draft back to her. Jocelyn had given us the okay to publish the photo of that day along with her name but I was reluctant to do so. As a Police agency, it isn’t standard practice to publicly identify witnesses. So I sat on the information and mulled it over thinking that it might make a good story when the 1 year anniversary rolled around.

This week, Jocelyn was able to tell her story on her own terms and in her own voice and I am glad she did so because it’s a great story. If you get a chance to read Lindsey Blest’s write up and interview on LNP, it was well done.
I also wanted to add some information that had not been released until today. Many people saw the side-by-side comparison of the sketch versus the booking photo and made their own judgementa as to the accuracy of the sketch.
I am adding a photo that was taken the night Nguyen was taken into custody on the warrant. That photo was taken because Nguyen was wearing the same coat and knit cap that had been described by Jocelyn on the date of the theft. I did not release that photo publicly as it had evidentiary value.

I think that if you compare the sketch to the moment of the arrest you can see a much closer resemblance.
Thanks again to Jocelyn Park for her outstanding efforts and to Officer Rothermel for recognizing the merit in the combination of her detailed description and sketch.


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