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Lancaster County DA provides DNA imaging of suspect in 44 year old cold case with age progression

Lancaster County DA provides DNA imaging of suspect in 44 year old cold case with age progression

Lancaster, PA


Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman announced Thursday recent happenings in the unsolved murder of Lindy Sue Biechler, found killed in her Manor Township home in 1975.

Biechler was 19 when she was stabbed to death in her Kloss Drive apartment. She was stabbed multiple times on Dec. 5, 1975, after returning to her home from a grocery store.

To this date, no one is arrested or charged. The investigation of Biechler’s death is under the umbrella of District Attorney Stedman’s Cold Case Unit, consisting of an assistant district attorney and two Lancaster County Detectives, who work in unison with Manor Township police, which has jurisdiction over the case.

“This case has never drifted from the minds of the investigators committed to catching Lindy’s killer,” District Attorney Stedman said. “Lindy’s family, including her husband, have grieved for decades without an answer to who took their loved one. This investigation is active, and there is no guarantee it will ultimately be solved. We do, however, assure we are doing everything we can and that includes the use of cutting-edge technology.”

Stedman said. “That is a lot of space in between fresh memories and recollections of events surrounding this tragic death. Individuals with potentially pertinent information – and even the killer – might have passed away by now.”

The lab provided two composites depicting the man at ages 25 and 65 (the man’s exact age at the time of the crime is unknown). The lab also provided characteristics of the man, based on scientific conclusions and theories, from the DNA analysis. Some characteristics of the man who left behind the DNA:

– He is likely fair-skinned;

– He very likely has hazel-colored eyes;

– He almost certainly has dark hair; not blond or red;

– He almost certainly has no freckles;

Authorities say the composites and phenotyping information/characteristics have already been very useful in disqualifying potential persons of interest.

Tips can be submitted by visiting the website set up by the District Attorney’s Office when you click or tap now.

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