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Lancaster, PA

Yesterday, Thursday January 3,  2019 Hannah Neidermyer, Kevin Baker and Kevin Golinski were sworn in as the newest members of the Lancaster Bureau of Police.

These candidates passed written and physical tests in September 2018 according to the department. Based on scoring at the top of the list of testing applicants and in accordance with Civil Service regulations. They went through a lengthy and exhaustive background investigation that includes multiple interviews with the applicant as well as personal and professional references.

The candidates also submitted to a polygraph examination, psychological screening, drug test and physical examination.

Neidermyer and Golinsky will attend the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) Police Academy (Act 120) at Alvernia University. Once they complete the mandated training, they will return to the Lancaster Bureau of Police for additional training and certification before being assigned to a Patrol Platoon for Field Training. Baker already completed his Act 120 certification at the 19th Part-time Academy at HACC. He will be assigned to a patrol platoon to begin Field Training.

The City of Lancaster offered residents of Lancaster City free test preparation in the weeks leading up to the test, which the city will continue to offer in an effort to recruit and hire more city residents to the department. Of the 121 individuals who passed the test, less than 5% were city residents.