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Following complaint, SZECHUAN GOURMET, in Lancaster fails state retail food inspection, 19 violations found, employee coughing over food

Following complaint, SZECHUAN GOURMET, in Lancaster fails state retail food inspection, 19 violations found, employee coughing over food



Retail Food Inspection Report Conducted following complaint, August 8, 2019


1930 COLUMBIA AVE Lancaster, PA 17603

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services received a complaint about the Szechaun Gourmet Restaurant on Columbia Ave in Lancaster. Following the inspection the eatery was cited for 19 violations in the retail food inspection report.

The restaurant opened this past January and passed its initial inspection.

Among the findings the inspector made the following observations:

  • An insect control device (fly strips) located in the food preparation area with potential to contaminate food, equipment, and utensils
  • Observed 6 bowls, knives, 6 cleavers, two peelers, and a scaler, a food contact surface, was observed to have food residue and was not clean to sight and touch. All were stored as clean
  • Old food residue observed on the inner rim of the slicer. Old food residue observed on the can opener blade. Observed a black and tan residue on the deflector plate of the ice maker
  • WD-40, paint, cans of refrigerant, and caulk stored with food and food equipment in the storage room and the back food preparation area
  • Cigarettes found on the shelf above the food preparation area in the kitchen
  • Food employees observed in food preparation, not wearing proper hair restraints, such as nets or hats
  • Food utensils near the rice cooker observed stored in a container of water which is not maintained at 135°F
  • Observed several boxes of food stored directly on the floor in the walk-in freezer, rather than 6 inches off of the floor as required. Observed cookies stored on the floor in the storage room. Onions observed stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler
  • Squid observed thawing in standing water in the 3 compartment sink, which is not an approved thawing method
  • The plastic protective tubing for the lights in the back are missing the end caps
  • Several tools observed being stored with food in the storage area
  • Food employee observed coughing over food while preparing it in the back food preparation area
  • Chopped lettuce in the walk-in cooler stored open with no covering
  • Raw egg yolks observed stored above sauce in the small cooling unit
  • Raw chicken stored behind cooked chicken in the bain marie. Raw chicken observed stored above seaweed in the walk-in cooler
  • Observed old food splatter and residue on the wall at the table in the back where food is prepared. The grease trap and the floor around the grease trap is extremely filthy
  • Old food residue, dishes and utensils observed in the hand-wash sink, indicating uses other than hand washing
  • Observed water leaking from beneath the bowl of the 3 compartment sink
  • The screen for the back door is torn at the bottom and does not protect against insects or rodents
  • A Food Employee was observed washing their hands at the 3 compartment sink rather than the designated hand-wash sink
  • Observed water leaking from seams in the ceiling of the walk-in cooler. CFM states it is water coming from the roof

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