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Clean dish racks stored on the floor, PF Changs in Lancaster bombs state inspection, 11 violations

Clean dish racks stored on the floor, PF Changs in Lancaster bombs state inspection, 11 violations

Lancaster, PA;


PF Changs in Lancaster

1577 Fruitville AVE
Lancaster, PA 17601

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services conducted an unannounced retail food inspection on October 8, 2019. As a result of that inspection, and due to the severity of the specific violations the P.F Changs in Lancaster was cited as being, “Out of Compliance” with Pennsylvania’s food safety regulations. A total of 11 violations we cited during this inspection.

The inspector made the following comments in support of the violations found during the inspection:

  • The Person in Charge does not have adequate knowledge of food safety in this food facility as evidenced by this non-compliant inspection.
  • Soap was not available at the hand-wash sink to the left of the cooking line.
  • Clean dish racks stored on the floor in dish washing room.
  • Food Employee observed donning single use gloves without a prior hand wash.
  • Observed an employee grab a handful of bean sprouts and carrots – a ready-to-eat-food – with his bare hands, twice.
  • Observed raw chicken stored above raw fish in the walk-in cooler.
  • Unwrapped and unprotected single use straws stored in the bar area.
  • Water leaking from beneath the bowl of the pre-rinse sink near the dishwasher.
  • Food employee observed involved in food preparation, wearing a watch.
  • Food employees observed involved in preparing food and washing dishes, not wearing beard covers.
  • Observed single-service, single-use articles (dome containers, unwrapped straws) stored outside directly on the ground, and not 6 inches above the floor.



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There are over 26,000 eating and drinking establishments in Pennsylvania, and thousands more convenience stores,  grocery stores and schools required to be inspected by the Department of Agriculture and, in some cases, local government entities at least once a year. Out of more than 2,000 inspections each month only about 150 are found to be, “Out of Compliance.”

Violations leading to the Out of Compliance designation are more critical violations. Establishments can score a number of lower level violations without achieving the Out of Compliance designation.