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Cresco PA

Authorities say on August 27, 2018 the Pocono Mountain regional police were dispatched to Naomi Ln., Cresco, PA. The dispatch was for an alleged attempted child abduction. POlice were alerted by callers to the dispatch center the suspect had placed the child in a van crash the van and was now on the front porch of the residence with a handgun threatening suicide.
Police say they were able to surround the home and attacked in and observe the suspect on the front porch. The suspect then begin to walk to the side of the home. Authorities say they surprised the suspect and took him into custody without further incident. The suspect is identified as Dudley Robinson.  Officers say they also located  a handgun on the porch where Robinson had been seated.
Authorities say the investigation revealed that Robinson is actually resident of the home and lives in the basement and is familiar with the family and the juvenile victim. The victim’s mother related that she awoke at approximately 3 AM because she heard her daughter crying. She went to see what was wrong and found Robinson dragging the victim towards the front door by her neck. The victims father also walking heard his daughter yelling help and stop it. Robinson then forced the victim into a van while the mother and father struggle to free her.
Police say Robinson  put the van in reverse and accelerated out of the driveway, across the roadway and struck a tree during this time, both adult male and female were drug by the vehicle. He then tried to put the van and drive, however, the vehicle was in immobile. Witnesses say  Robinson then stated he was done and went onto the porch with the handgun.
Both parents sustained injuries but were minor in nature and we’re not transported to a hospital. Robinson is currently being held at Pocono Mountain Regional Police headquarters as the initial investigation continues.
Pending charges include criminal attempted kidnapping of a minor, unlawful restraint  false imprisonment interference with the custody of a child, luring a child into a motor vehicle, concealment of the whereabouts of a child reckless endangerment simple assault of a minor and adults.