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York, PA

Pennsylvania State Police say several people were arrested as they encountered a DUI checkpoint in York County with some of those arrested tried to bypass the checkpoint entirely, and one person even sped through the checkpoint at officers manning the checkpoint.

Authorities say another suspect tried to obtain a firearm from his waistband when approached by police.

State Police from the York Troop conducted the checkpoint on Saturday on State Route 3036 in York Township. The checkpoint was staffed troopers from York and Lancaster, as well as police from York Area Regional, West Manchester Township, York, and the York County Sheriff’s Department.

At one point, two drivers allegedly attempted to avoid the checkpoint and drove over the median.

According to police the first driver drove between police cars, and a pursuit ensued and ended in York City. The driver, identified as Eric Flowers, threw bags of heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana out of the window during the pursuit. The pursuit ended when he drove his vehicle into a wall, and he was taken into custody.

The other vehicle that drove over the median was stopped, and the driver was arrested for being intoxicated.

Another vehicle didn’t stop at the checkpoint and sped through toward officers manning the checkpoint, according to state police. That vehicle was also stopped and the driver arrested for being under the influence of cocaine.

One vehicle traveling northbound was stopped after officers detected the odor of marijuana from inside. A passenger identified as Markkel Davis was removed from the car, and as he exited, tried to pull a pistol from his waistband, police said.

A trooper wrestled Davis to the ground and seized a 9mm pistol from his possession. Police also learned Davis had an outstanding warrant for vehicle theft from Maryland.

Three other suspects were also removed from the vehicle and were uncooperative with officers. The driver of the vehicle, identified by police as Deshawn Thompson, was arrested for DUI.

Officers searching the vehicle found numerous items of drug paraphernalia that could be seen from outside of the vehicle. During that search, an officer became exposed to heroin/fentayl, and had to be treated at York Hospital, police said.

All four occupants of the vehicle, including a 16-year-old female, were arrested. Another occupant, identified as Alysia Thompson, had a bench warrant from York County.