Mechanicsburg, PA

The Upper Allen Township Fire Police took their oath tonight, January 15, 2019, administered by District Justice Martin saying they are ready to serve the township for another year managing traffic around fires. 

Pictured are Fire Police Capt. Kevin Woolverton, SP Officer Milt Black, SP Officer Jeff Stefanowicz, SP Officer Dan Hower, SP Officer Parker Beatty, SP Officer Stephen Reitnour.

Did you know…

Fire police in Pennsylvania are volunteer fire company members and are sworn in by the mayor, borough council president, township supervisor, or the local district justice. 

All fire police officers are sworn officers and when on duty display a badge of authority and shall be subject to control township police. Disobeying a fire police officer is the same as disobeying a police officer, sheriff’s deputy, state constable or state trooper and assaulting one is a felony.


Photo credit: Upper Allen Township Fire Department