Carlisle, PA

On December 22, 2018, the Carlisle Police Department say they’ve received a complaint of sexual assault allegations against Joseph Vincent Sullenberger. A juvenile female reported to police that Sullenberger was her softball hitting coach. The alleged sexual offenses occurred while the victim was at practice with Sullenberger at the Central Penn Sportsplex located in Carlisle, PA.

Police say Joseph Vincent Sullenberger was a coach for the Susquehanna Valley Slam, a traveling girl’s fast pitch softball team. Sullenberger also coached players through private lessons at the Central Penn Sportsplex in Carlisle, PA. Sullenberger primarily coaching high school-aged girl softball players.

The Carlisle Police Department and the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office coordinated closely to balance the evolving nature and integrity of the investigation with the safety of the community according to authorities. The Carlisle Police Department notified the Central Penn Sportsplex, the parents of all the Susquehanna Valley Slam players and the Carlisle Area School District of the allegations against Sullenberger and say everyone involved were very cooperative with the investigation.

Cumberland County District Attorney Skip Ebert said today, “The Carlisle Police Department moved swiftly to investigate these allegations balancing the need for public safety and maintaining the integrity of the investigation. Our office maintained close contact with Chief Landis throughout the investigation and continue to do so as it evolves. I thank Chief Landis and his dedicated team of professionals.”

Police say Sullenberger’s career as a girls’ softball coach spans a large amount of time and a large geographic area. During the investigation into Sullenberger, the Carlisle Police Department identified three more victims. The Carlisle Police Department is aware that there may be other victims. 

The charges in this case are:

1.            Sexual Assault – (3124.1) – 1 count

2.            Aggravated Indecent Assault – 3125(a)(1) – 2 counts

3.            Corruption of Minors – 6301(a)(1)(ii) – 3 counts

4.            Sexual Assault by Sports Off., Volunteer/Employee of Nonprofit Assoc.- 3124.3 – 3 counts

5.            Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution – 5105(a)(3) – 1 count

6.            Indecent Assault – 3126(a)(1) – 5 count

If you have information in this case or a related case Carlisle Police are asking you to contact them.