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Jesus Figueroa arrested for simple assault and terroristic threats by Middletown Police

Jesus Figueroa arrested for simple assault and terroristic threats by Middletown Police

Middletown, PA

On August 28, 2019, Middletown police were called to the area of the Hemlock Hall for a report of a large fight that was very active. Upon arrival officers were told by bystanders that the one actor left the scene in a black Mazda sedan. The driver was said to be bloody. Incoming units stopped the car at Hoffer and Conewago Streets.

While at Hemlock Hall officers spoke to the victims of this fight who are all family members including the actor in the black Mazda. Police say they learned that the actor in the black Mazda is the step father/husband to the parties whom the officers were speaking with.

The male was identified as Jesus Figueroa. Figueroa had come back  after an incident the previous night and started an argument with his family over property. He and his wife are, apparently, separating and this is not going well.

Witnesses told police Figueroa started pushing his step sons around and then threatened to go get his gun in his apartment. The family knows he has a gun because at some point he had the magazine to a gun and was to have displayed it. Police believe Figueroa was attempting to go into Hemlock Hall to get his gun.

Police say he was stopped by his step son who tried to restrain him from going inside. At some point Figueroa struck his step son in the face and that’s when the fight began.

During the fighting another step son attempted to break up the fight. Figueroa was then punched in the face causing his lip to start bleeding.  Figueroa has been charged with Simple Assault, Terroristic Threats, Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct, and Simple Assault Physical Menace.

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