New Oxford, PA

On December 21, 2018 at, approximately 12:07AM, a motorist reported that the red car that had just passed him was driving erratically and the operator appeared intoxicated. The motorist had observed the operator at the Old Mill a local bar located at 4797 York Road in Oxford Township. 

Shortly thereafter Eastern Adams Regional Police say they observed the car eastbound on the York Road entering New Oxford Borough and as the car entered the traffic circle it turned right into the parking area on the southwest quadrant and continued to circle around in the parking spaces and nearly bounced off the curbing. Police say the driver then crossed Lincoln Way East without stopping and drove into the parking spaces in front of Scott’s Jewelry and parked in front of the Post Office bouncing off the curbing. According to authorities officer  Douglas Fishel activated his emergency lights and the car’s back up lights came on and it appeared that the operator would back into the police car.

Police say officer Fishel made contact with the driver who was she was identified  as Gloria I Suarez, 27 years of age from New Oxford, and the officer detected very strong odor of alcoholic beverage on her breath and body. Police say Suarez’ eyes were bloodshot and watering. Additionally police allege Suarez speech was slurred and slow and she was very slow to answer questions. Police say when she walked to the rear of her car, she walked with a staggered gait.

Following tests, police say Suarez’ performance on the standard field sobriety test indicated impairment. 

Suarez was transported to Gettysburg Hospital for blood testing for a possible DUI. On January 13, 2019, Eastern Adams Regional Police received the results of the blood test back from Pennsylvania State Police Labs which indicated that Suarez’ blood alcohol content was 0.233% almost three times the legal limit of .08%%. Police say formal charges are pending.