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Domestic violence call leads to drug arrest, 6 charges for 20 year old Tyler Clingan

Domestic violence call leads to drug arrest, 6 charges for 20 year old Tyler Clingan

Middletown, PA


On October 5 2019, The Middletown Borough Police assisted Royalton Borough Police with an active domestic involving a firearm allegedly being pointed at the female victim by Tyler Clingan of the 100 Block of Dock Street in Middletown. Police say as they arrived in the area and learned that both parties have left the scene.

The female victim returned to the residence as police were taking witness statements. She told police Tyler Clingan and her got into a verbal argument that escalated to Tyler grabbing a handgun and pointing it at her. Tyler then sent a text message to a mutual friend of theirs stating he was going to kill the victim.

The mother of Tyler Clingan appeared at the scene saying she had just dropped Tyler off at the War Memorial Field for the MAHS Football game and also that she had all of his belongings in her vehicle. Police went to the football game to take Mr. Clingan into custody while other officers remained on scene and were given consent to search the Mothers vehicle and also the residence of Tyler Clingans.

Middletown Borough Police took Clingan into custody in the parking lot of the football field without incident. Police say they found no gun and do not believe Clingan was a threat to anyone at the football game.

Polie say drugs and paraphernalia commonly used in the sale of marijuana were located through Clingan’s belongings left in his mother’s vehicle and at his residence.

All charges are being handled by the Royalton Borough Police Department.

The Middletown Borough Police said they want to make it a point to remind everyone that there were no threats made to anyone at the football game nor was there any firearm taken to the football game or school property.