Carlisle, PA

Police in Cumberland County say on January 11 2019 at approximately 7:30AM, a hit and run occurred at the intersection of Ritner Highway and Orange Street.

Authorities say a complainant observed a dark-colored vehicle passing them on the left side, over a marked double-yellow line, while traveling east further into the borough by way of  Ritner Highway. The complainant told police, a brief exchange of spiteful hand gestures and other expressions occurred between the victim and the suspect at the intersection.

Police say the suspect’s vehicle then drifted backward striking the victim’s car while stopped at the intersection. The suspect then recklessly sped off running the  the red light, not fulfilling his duty to stop and render aid or provide his insurance information.

According to police the victim observed the license plate and called police. Through the course of the investigation, Carlisle Police say they determined that Jordon P. Gleim of Newville was the driver of the striking vehicle.

As a result Gleim has been charged with the following offenses:

Accidents involving damage to attended vehicle or property
Reckless driving
Duty to give information and render aid
Traffic-control signals and  No-passing zones

The 21 year old Gleim has no known criminal history in Pennsylvnia and one previous traffic ticket for he pleaded guilty to in Shiremanstown in 2017.