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Carlisle, PA

On December 28, 2018 around 3:18PM hours Carlisle Police say they responded to a complaint of an active retail theft at the Walmart located at 60 Noble Blvd in the Carlisle Borough. 

According to authorities store associates witnessed Jasmine Thomas take items from store shelves and walk past all points of sale, not paying for those items she had taken.


According to Walmart Loss Prevention the merchandise taken totaled $26.85. After the officers finished their investigation Thomas resisted arrest and attempted to flee from the Loss Prevention Office. Two Carlisle Borough Patrol Officers were able to stop her attempt to flee and took her into custody without further incident or injury.

Thomas was transported to Cumberland County Prison to be processed and released for Resisting Arrest and Retail Theft. The 27 year old pleaded guilty to Harassment – Subject Other to Physical Contact  in Perry County in 2015 following an incident in which Pennsylvania State Police cited her for the summary offense. A preliminary hearing has not yet been scheduled at this time.