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Harrisburg, PA

On January 5th, 2019, at 3:27PM. Swatara Township Police say they were called to the Walmart located on Grayson Road in Harrisburg for an active fight.

Upon arrival, police say they located three of the participants inside of the store and the other three participants in the parking lot.

After reviewing surveillance footage and speaking with everyone involved and several witnesses police believe the fight was between two groups of three people each.

Authorities say there were two very minor injuries observed and both of the injured parties declined treatment from EMS. All parties involved were advised that they would be receiving charges for Disorderly Conduct; four of the six persons involved were also banned from Walmart property.

According to police Swatara Township Public Safety Director Darrell Reider has already contacted Walmart management to discuss this incident further and plans to work with Walmart on developing ideas to dissuade this type of behavior in the future.

Those charged with Disorderly Conduct are:

  1. Kesia Alston 55-year-old female of Emily Drive, Harrisburg.
  2. Tylar Rainey 27-year-old female of Emily Drive, Harrisburg.
  3. 17-year-old juvenile (Name will not be released as this person is under the age of 18)
  4. Toneya Humes 38-year-old female of Buckthorn Street, Harrisburg.
  5. Taja Humes 20-year-old female of Buckthorn Street, Harrisburg.
  6. Isaiah Allen 22-year-old male of North 5th Street, Harrisburg.

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