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Carlisle, PA

Police in Carlisle are thanking an observant tip which led to charges in a felony retail theft case that happened at the Wal-Mart in the borough saying, “Carlisle Police wish to that the anonymous tipster for their attention to detail.  This case is a perfect example of how important the public is to the Police.”

Authorities say November 23, 2017 at about 3AM hours, a retail theft of $1167 worth of electronic and clothing merchandise was taken from the Carlisle Walmart.  An anonymous tipster advised Walmart employees of suspicious activity and provided a license plate of a vehicle according to police.   

Walmart staff later called Carlisle Police.  Walmart Loss Prevention and Carlisle Patrol Officers determined a female and a male were involved in the theft and left the Walmart in a red Chevy according to authorities.   Police say their investigation showed the actors to be Ashley Lauren Karpovich of Minersville, PA. 

A warrant was issued for Karpovich who was later arrested at the Schuylkill County Prison.  A warrant has been issued for John Daniel Butz who is currently in the Lancaster County Prison on additional warrants and parole violations.