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Carlisle, PA

On Monday 12/03/2018, the Carlisle Police Department  say they received an investigation request from the Pennsylvania State Police Megan’s Law Unit, for a resident in the Borough of Carlisle. who was a Tier 1 Megan’s Law offender. A warrant accused Samuel Rose for failing to comply with the required Megan’s Law registration requirements.

Rose has been registered with Megan’s Law beginning on March 28, 2013 and was last known to be a transient. Rose last reported on October 3, 2018 and his current whereabouts were not known.

Authorities say they located and arrested Rose Monday, December 17, 2018.

The 28 year old man pleaded guilty earlier this year to giving a false identity to police after authorities stopped him for using alcohol in a park in Carlisle. Rose is awaiting a preliminary hearing and has been committed to Cumberland County Prison.

Rose was arrested in 2009 in Swatara Township and later pleaded guilty to posession of a controlled substance.  Just a few months later he was arrested for Robbery and sentenced to 9 to 23 months which included another incident involving burglary.

Rose was sentenced to 36 to 72 months for statutory sexual assault and other charges in 2012 case after he was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police