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Carlisle, PA

On December 17, 2016 police in Carlisle say  around 5:45pm they responded to the 400 block of N West Street for a reported domestic disturbance.

Authorities say the  female victim stated she was assaulted and choked by Patrick Warrick inside an apartment. She suffered minor injuries. Warrick was taken into custody and transported to Cumberland County Prison for processing and arraignment.

Warrick remains in Cumberland County Prison unable to make 

Warrick served time in 2007 for drug related crimes and in a plea saw charges of indecent exposure and indecent assault dismissed in a 2008 plea in which Warrick plead guilty to Terroristic Threats in a case the court issued a number of bench warrants for his failure to appear.

In 2009 Warrick was against arrested on a number of charges including Retaliation Against Witness or Victim in which a plea agreement saw most charges dropped and he was sentenced to 1-12 months in county prison.

In 2018, in addition to the current charges, Warrick saw a case dismissed in August for Simple Assault and Harassment  following an arrest in Middlesex Township and later that month a charge of Simple Assault was reduced to a summary offenses by the District Attorney.