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Carlisle, PA

On Sunday 2 December 2018 at 0057 hours the Carlisle Police Department say they responded to a report of a reckless driver who had struck a utility pole at the intersection of the Newville Rd and N Orange St.  Police say  the vehicle, a red Dodge truck, continued to travel west on the Newville Rd and was eventually stopped outside of Newville Borough by the Newville Police Department. 

Authorities say CPD K9 unit  responded to the scene, observed the struck utility pole, which was arcing as is leaned into a nearby tree, and then responded to the traffic stop outside of Newville Borough, where Devin M Kennedy, was arrested for DUI.  Kennedy was taken to the Cumberland County Prison (CCP) for Driving Under the Influence processing and subsequently released.

Charges have been filed against Kennedy  for DUI and Accidents Involving Damage to Unattended Property.

The Carlisle Police Department was assisted at the scene of the collision with the utility pole by the Dickinson College Department of Public Safety with directing traffic away from the area due to live wires that had fallen to the ground and by the Carlisle Regional Special Fire Police, which remained on scene for several hours until PPL was able to relieve them from their duties.