Police- 20 Year Old Extorts Victim after Sexual Encounter

Steelton Borough Police say last October 2017, a man answered an add on Craigslist personals to meeting another for a  adult sexual encounter. They allege the two agreed and after the encounter was finished police told us the the defendant requested an undisclosed sum of money purporting telling the alleged victim that he was juvenile and if cash money is not given right now he would call police.

The male victim told police he believe that he may have unintentionally just had sexual encounter with a juvenile and paid the money as requested. Police allege the suspect continued the charade by pretending to be a 17 year old  juvenile continuing to threaten the victim with exposure and arrest.

Police say the behavior continued for for several weeks successfully extorting money and  a car rental until the victim went to police to report the incident himself.

Police identified the suspect as Shaquan A Franklin a 20 year old  later arresting Franklin in Harrisburg Aprill 13, 2018. Franklin was arraigned on the charges and pending a hearing at District Justice Lenker’s court and is awaiting a hearing on this charge.

A check of court records shows Frankly currently has pending cases in Dauphin Court of Common Pleas for extortion and other charges.

Craigslist no longer allows personal ads on its website.

Steelton Borough Police arrest Shaquan Franklin Extortion

Steelton Borough Police arrest Shaquan Franklin Extortion