John Micek, Editorial and Opinions Editor for PennLive/The Patriot-News.
Joe Hermitt, PennLive

Micek Goes After Trump Rather Than Solutions for Victims

The first sentence of this bizarre column takes on Trump quoting media criticism about a card the president brought with him to a listening event yesterday.  In attendance students, parents,  parents whose children died in other school shootings as well as one father whose son was gunned down in Washington DC heading home from school. The bizarre objection to the president wanting people to know he hears them, wanting to know their views and wanting their ideas escapes decency.  It’s refreshing to see a White House open its doors to all sides, Mr. Micek, and the president glancing at a card with 4 objectives to ensure he gets the information he wants and affirms the speakers demonstrates concern for people.

Next comes a 4 paragraph rant unrelated to the issue of the 17 people who died last week, their families or anyone else who suffers with a loss or the impact of violence.

This is the same president, after all, whose promises far outperform his actual ability to carry them out. Writing in The Washington Post, conservative commentator Jennifer Rubin runs them down.

Trump promised a spectacular replacement for Obamacare. That hasn’t happened. In fact, he made it worse.

He promised a massive infrastructure program. What we got relies on a paltry $200 billion investment from the federal government to magically conjure $1.5 trillion from private interests and cash-strapped state and local governments.

He loved the Dreamers until he squeezed them so he could get more money for his preposterous border wall. And immigration reform, of any kind, remains at a standstill.

The president, first, clearly spoke to the issue of stopping this violence. Mr. Micek’s limited, and questionable, desires aside leaders better serve with an open mind to every idea rather.

Sickness John Micek Spreads in the Community

Today’s commentary from John Micek, editor at Pennlive, demonstrates the sickness in the American political discussion as Mr. Micek reframes the national conversation following the vicious attack in Parkland Florida last week which killed 17 people shifting focus to gun control. Attacking President Donald J. Trump comes off as petulant.  The column better belongs in the alongside Mr. Micek’s bed not in the pages of a once esteemed newspaper that broke the Jerry Sandusky case to the world only a few years ago.

One guesses Mr. Micek harbors a strong desire for gun control. Mr. Micek, the process, ignores a parent of Parkland who, yesterday, suggested arming teachers laying out a well considered complex plan. Mr. Micek fails to report on the Dean of Students at a DC School in the poorest ward sharing keeping students safe with checkpoints in the building as well as metal detectors.  Can we be honest our inner city schools dealt with violence and offer real resources to schools to consider? Mr. Micek also fails to report on the father who lost his daughter at Columbine who now heads an organization that, on average, stops 3 suicides a week and has stopped 7 school shootings while reaching millions of students with 28 programs designed to stop violence.

It’s about the kids and teachers we lost, it’s about their families and it’s about the a serious problem with no easy answers

Narrowly addressing any issue to one’s personal brings no solutions. Students and their families deserve reporting designed to open the issue to serious debate including all sides rather than serving as an opportunity for an editor to rave against a president he dislikes.