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Harrisburg, PA


Police in Swatara Township say at about 7pm Wednesday, August 29, 2018 they received a report that a student received a threat of violence from another student earlier in the day while attending the Central Dauphin Swatara Middle School.

Authorities say they  initiated an investigation and subsequently allega a twelve year old student threatened another student by means of an electronic message showing the student pointing a gun in a threatening message.

The investigating officers identified the student suspected of sending the threatening message and obtained a search warrant for his residence where the suspect was located and taken into custody.  During an interview with his guardian police say the suspect admitted to sending the threatening message but did not reveal the location of the firearm shown in the photograph.  The firearm involved in this threat has yet to be recovered.

The twelve year old suspect was charged as a juvenile with terroristic threats and disorderly conduct after which he was detained at a secured juvenile detention facility.

Authorities say both Swatara Township Police and Central Dauphin School District are continuing their investigations into this matter.